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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 26, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PST

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paul's tracking the rain tonight.. paul? >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> two big storms are headed our way right now. paul deanno is tracking the rain. paul? >> around 1:00. just a few hours away. we are already picking up a few showers offshore that will be moving in and really bad timing for the compute tomorrow. the timing will not be the best. 11 hours from round one bringing in some rainfall. the radar is shows a few light showers off store. it is the evening commute tomorrow that will be a big mess because the rain will be at its heaviest at this time.
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and by this time tomorrow night, an inch-and-a-half. a little less the further south you go. your weather headlines tonight, you will get through the morning commute tomorrow dry. the rain move ins shortly there after. the heaviest rainfall will be right in the heart of the evening commute from 4:00 to 3:00 tomorrow evening and don't be surprised if you hear a few rumbles of thunder. that is rare for us. tomorrow will very likely be one of those days. we will talk more about storm number two and how much rain you will get coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you paul. tonight, the big question from the bay area to is sierra foothills is who is the couple who found buried treasure in their backyard? joe vasquez shows us. >> reporter: the folks here in auburn and throughout gold country love to celebrate a major find and this latest uncovering of buried treasure is no exception.
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>> i consider myself a gold miner. >> reporter: tom lives in gold country and finding an occasional nugget. we bought a medal detecter today. ten canisters of $10,000 worth of gold coins were found. more than 1400 coins next to a tree next to their property a year ago. the coins date back to the mid to late 1800s and are in perfect condition. >> i just about fell out of my chair. this is something you dream but you don't hear about buried treasures like this. >> reporter: the coins are being kept at another undisclosed location. why so many secrets? the couple doesn't want to be bombarded with prospectors. larry manger believes the discovery could be good for his
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business as gold spikes when ever there is a big find. >> everybody wants to hit the millions. >> reporter: the couple plans to sell most of the coins on but will keep of them. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> for a while, the couple struggled with what to do. at one point, they actually rebury first-degree treasure while they consulted some experts. tonight, we are hearing from people in one town who have known for years their police officers were dirty cops. kpix5's betty yu saying now the da agrees with them. betty? >> reporter: that's right liz. tonight, monterrey county sheriff's deputies arestepping in to patrol the streets here in king city because so in of the police officering includeing the active police chief have been arrested and
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accused of corruption. it's a small town where everybody knows everybody and the monterrey county da says those at the top knew exactly what they were after. >> these are the people who are really disadvantaged. they are not always english speaking. >> reporter: poor latinos were victim ins a grand scheme to steal cars and these guys came up with the idea. the active police chief and the exchief and two officers. here is how it worked. >> people driving vehicles where being stopped. they had in general, no license. and the vehicles where being impounded. the majority of those vehicles where being turned over to miller's towing. >> reporter: the owner miller's towing is the brother of acting chief bruce miller. knowing the victims could not
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afford the fees and the toying charges. they would eventually sell the cars or keep them for themselves. miller has already posted bail. he says he has always been on the right side of the law. >> the charges they are looking at me, requesting a bribe. i have never done that. and so i was aware of the investigations. we have reached out to the fbi and the da's office to do. i didn't know i would become a suspect. so yeah. a little blown away. >> reporter: this culture of corruption in the tight-knit community was not entirely new to the residents. >> some people would be struggling. if there was a burglary, they say they were always here late and nobody is doing anything. so we are not really trusting our policemen. >> reporter: the da says residents have complained about shady officers running the town for years and that is why they looked into it.
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after further investigation, they uncovered this massive scheme. live in king city, betty yu, kpix5. >> two other king city officers were also arrested on unrelated charges today. we are getting our first look at the woman accused of going on a deadly rampage at an indian reservation. 44-year-old sherry lash rhodes was at arraignment today. she killed a bunch of people including family. the san francisco board of education approved a policy to limit suspensions and encourage students who misbehave to get councilling. that is when they called for a cultural shift in the way students with behavioral problems are treated. they say black and latino students are punished harshly
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and disproportionately. >> a lot of them feel singled out like they receive unnecessary punishment. >> it is not clear how much it will cost to implement the policy. the superintendent has two month to come up with a plan and take it back to the board. a san diego couple is suing petco after their 10-year-old son died after being bitten by a pet rat they bought at the store. aiden died last june hours after being rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pains. the cause of death was a bacterial infection called rat bite fever. petco is investigating the claim that they were sold an infected rat. asiana airlines will have to pay half a million dollars for its slow response to the crash at sfo. it took the airline five days to contact all passenger family members. the dot says the hot line
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actually went to an automated reservation system. it didn't have the necessary translators. this is the first time this kind of fine has been leveed. gm has doubled the number of cars they are recalling to 1.4 million. it is because of a faulty ignition switch that has been linked to dozens of deadly crashes. it is now adding to the list 2003 to 2007 sat earn ions. 2006 to 2007 chevy hhrs , pontiac solstice and sat earn sky models and 2005-2007 pursuits sold in canada. they have already recalled the bow qualities. we have new information about a lawsuit about the supposed greenest recycling
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company in the country. >> i do believe in the green environment tally sound policies. >> reporter: brian mcvay was once proud of his job. he was a supervisor at recology. two buy back centers have helped san francisco reach an 80% recycling rate. the highest in the nation. but at this buy back center on tunnel road, brian says there were problems. so he installed surveillance cameras to keep an eye on things. >> there is the attendant. she going to weigh the material. >> reporter: he estimates that was about two pounds of plastic and three pounds of aluminum but the report from that transaction shows something different. 68 pounds of plastic and 47 pounds of aluminum. then, off the customer goes to get his cash to later split with his buddy, the employee. >> and this is an example of what went on all day.
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>> reporter: in 2007, company records show 6.3 million pounds of bottles and cans taken in for recycling. but only 1.4 million pounds leaving for processing. armed with the evidence, brian took his findings to management but he was told to back off. even threatened. >> i was told people in the company wanted me in the pit. i took it as a death threat. >> reporter: coming up in a few minutes,ly take you inside the main sorting facility and you will see what i discovered that recology could not explain. up next, would you eat meat from a cow with cancer? shocking allegations of the a bay area slaughter house. the recent increase in cafeteria prices is not cool. when you vote for flo, we'll have discounts.
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state. the >> we just told you about alleged fraud at a san francisco recycling company. the whistle blower was fired. now, in a lawsuit against the company, he says he knows why. >> the fraud was much bigger than i thought. >> reporter: employees were caught on surveillance tape inflating the weights of buy back material. in exchange for a kick back later on. but brian mcvay says nobody in management wanted to hear and he says he knows why.
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recology didn't want to expose the fraud because it was profiting from it. >> they have scammed the city and the rate payers. >> reporter: mcvay's attorney says based on the weights, recology received bonuses diverting waste from the landfill. and that's not all. mcvay's lawsuit claims they were defrauding the state of california as well. why is this such a big deal? i will show you. when you bring these plastic bottles in, they have to pay you a dollar six a pound. that is money they have to recoop from the state of california. if you just throw nit the bin, they only get 51 cents a pound from this stuff. the same bottle. now, mcvay says recology was reporting many more of these
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bottles comeing in when they were filling in the numbers with these cheap ones. >> any time a person come ins with material, he comes across a scale. >> reporter: recology's robert reed says there is no way the two kinds of recycling material could get mixed up. but what he failed to explain is what we noticed. >> they park over here and meet our employee. >> reporter: when he took us on a tour at recology's processing center at pier 96. it is a mountain of cans and paper and garbage. once it is sorted and bailed, the bails are not labeled as coming from curb side. bails of buy back material are not labeled ether. there is no way to tell which is which. >> couldn't you mix it with the buy back? >> we are doing everything humanly possible to make sure that these programs run
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correctly. >> reporter: the company says if there ever was any cheating, san francisco rate payers were not affected. as for those company records that show millions of buy back pound missing. >> that amounted to more than just a little loss. it was millions of dollars. >> those allegations are false. there is pending litigation and we are limited in what we can say about it. >> reporter: the company says it has changed protocols after mcvay left the company, the scales were connected to a computer directly making it hard for anyone to cheat. breaking news, a vital link between two bay area cities is broken down. christin ayers is there now. >> reporter: you can see the barriers are up here on webster and seventh and if you look back here, you can see the emergency vehicles are out blocking the webster street tunnel. that water main has flooded the
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tube. crews shut down just one lane to fix the problem, burr now they have shut down both lanes so crews can make emergency repairs. if you are headed into oakland from alameda, you want to use the park street bridge. if you are headed the other way, you want to get on 880 south and get off at 23rd avenue. police are telling us this will remain closed likely until 5:00 a.m. as they make those emergency repairs tonight. so that could cause some delays in and out of the webster street nonyl. back to you. >> christin ayers reporting live. thank you christin. we learned a petaluma slaughterhouses being investigated for selling meat from cows with cancer. rancho feed corporation fed cows with eye cancer, cut off their heads to keep inspectors from seeing the disease. that is a violation of federal
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law. the feds have opened a criminal investigation. it is unlikely people could get sick from the meat. a dog ate a poison meat ball near twin peaks. this comes after numerous poison meat balls showed up in richmond. there is no word on how is dog is doing. people in the neighborhood have a clear message for whoever is responsible. >> it is not something you want to see going onto kill a dog or to kill any animal like that. somebody has a screw loose. >> police say they are still testing some of the meat balls found. they are similar to hundreds that were found last summer? the city. one dog died after eating one. a couple of hours ago, the santa clara ...
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andria borba shows us that some people have no choice but to cut back. >> reporter: everything water related. they are telling residents and guests alike they must conserve or else. this water now a regulated one. stage two water emergency measures kick in saturday calling for a 20% mandatory reduction. suggestions spelled out in this letter range from the obvious like watering your lawn only on certain days of the week. corresponding to your house number to this. >> when i heard we can water our lands and we can't wash our car. and we are going to pay more for the water. >> reporter: and to get caught wasting a drop like overwatering and spilling it into the gutter, the penalties can be steep. >> they say the you get caught breaking the rules five times they will shut your water offer seven days. >> that is great. that is great. >> reporter: the drought is already a paramount problem in
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a place where grapes need a lot the thrive. but it is not just homeowners feeling the faucet tightened, it is innkeepers entering the height of tourist system. >> we have to make sure our dishwashers are full before we do the dishes. we do full loads. >> reporter: at the chelsea garden inn, the message of conservation must be passed onto the guests. >> we are going to ask our guest to use their fowls more than once. towels. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. if we need a reason for rainfall, we have it now. folks running 20% below normal rainfall. we need it and we are getting it tomorrow. live look outside. we have mainly cloudy skies looking from the rooftop to the bay bridge. rain this time tomorrow evening and lit be something we need. santa rosa 34% of normal for the water year.
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livermore, 32%. the south bay, 24% of normal. there are some showers building offshore. it will be several hours before we get widespread rain. we will have it and there will be more snow. snow level tomorrow night, about 5,000 feet. four to six inches of new snow likely in the sierra. a winter weather advisory in effect in the mountains. now we can see them on the satellite. storm number one will be here tomorrow. quickly behind it, with see the second storm getting us friday. first up, storm number one tomorrow. actually, the weaker of the two storms but lit it will be more of a direct hit. not only will it be wet tomorrow, but we are looking at gusty winds up to 45 miles an hour and also, a slight chance of a thunderstorm. that is storm number one. the bigger storm move ins friday but it will not hit us
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as directly. lit be the biggest storm of the season. as far north as santa barbara rate payers. but a glancing blow from that means another round of rainfall and gusty winds coming up friday. so one of the stormier weeks we have had for a while. an inch or two for you in the south bay. east bay, north bay, an inch or two or perhaps three and the city of san francisco an inch or two of much needed rainfall. what to expect over the next few days. steady rainfall for the drive home tomorrow. it would be a mess for the evening commute. winds would be gusty and there would be the chance of a thunderstorm. here are your highs tomorrow. low 60s with the rain. livermore 64. oakland, 63 degrees. a little bit of a break thursday between storms. friday, more rain, saturday morning, more rain, then we dry up. saturday afternoon, the sunshine is back and sunday sunshine is back and sunday will be a sunny day as ,,,,,,,,,
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california zoo has everyone going crazy. >> a curious koala trying to make a break for it. there he is, the little smarty pants. he was discovered misses about 9:00 this morning. it wasn't long before zoo keepers spotted him in a nearby tree. they see him up there. he seemed content to just sit there so they waited until the zoo closed to retrieve him. >> when we could send up a keeper that is familiar to him and a cherry picker or a lift type device, they retrieved him from the tree. he has been moved up to our veterinary care center. >> now what would make a koala split his cage? he was looking for anight. >> he would not be denied. >> i guess not. it's all yours man. >> okay, thanks a lot. the giants have a new opening day starter on dennis o'donnell. o'donnell. we know how you ,,
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g honor today. >> when i was 24, i was interviewing a rookie named chili davis. bungarner was named the opening day starter by bruce bochhi. he is the youngest to start since ronald reagan was president. any good specials out there tonight? how many good ways can you spell the name derrick? the as have three if you get them all correct, you can like us on facebook. there is catcher derek morris. then derick thornton. and deryc hooker spelled with a
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why. if you didn't get them right, you are not the first. >> i don't think anybody has ever gotten it right. >> what was the story behind the daric? >> i'm going to go with what my mom told me when i was little. before any baseball happened. she said what name would look good on tv so i will say my mom is somewhat of a psychic. >> there you go. san diego state fans wearing red. the aztecs have been struggling but not tonight. they went on a 19-1 run. san jose had 22 turnovers and lost 90-64. the spartans one and 14 in the mountain rest. wichita state looking to go 30/0. wichita get it is steal and the break away. shockers win 69-49. they are the first team to
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start 30/0 since 1991. i have in my hand the tuesday night top five. >> that is a huge fish. >> whale watching allows you to get up close. too close. the girl gets hit in the head by the tail of the whale in the baja peninsula. ouch. number four, in the combine, have a nice trip. see you next fall. at number three, just enjoy the cavaliers kyrie irving. but the raptors get the win. beautiful stuff. wisconsin, hockey player alex hopkins. look at that. that is amazing. danny romero of monterrey thinks the half court shot at thinks the half court shot at halftime, he won $1,000. ,,,, [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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>> tomorrow morning on kpix5, drones used to make rain and help solve the drought problem at a low cost. >> well david ,,,,,,


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